Three Things.. Stops The Human…

Three Things.. Stops The Human…

The Excess of anything…. Produces devasting ravage..

There are three things in this world…
which stops the human for being a human himself..
First One:- Excessive Money
Having money is good and it has a special value in everyone’s life now-a-days..
Don’t forget that if money will not use for good purpose..
then, it will be wasteful.

Second One:- Excessive Power
To be a powerful person is a good thing…
Don’t forget that Power comes with Responsibilities…not with Ego.

And the last one:-Excessive Ego
It is the most dangerous thing among the above..
Ego should be exist in every person…
we have to know where, when, why and how much you have to show..
Don’t forget to understant the difference between Ego and Self Respect.
{ We Need to Spread the Breez of Humanity…}
©Kaushik Chavan


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